A few examples from the serie 'Striking Monuments'

Idske Poppes Sathe-harich

Idske Poppes Sathe – Harich
Ets-aquatint / 2022 / 23 x 41,5 cm

In 1811, Poppe Idske Poppes, butter merchant in Balk, and his wife Trijntje Cornelis Sleeswijck had a grand gentleman's farm built on the Lorbuorren in Harich for their son Idske.
This 'Idske Poppes Sathe' has been inhabited by the De Smit-Wassenaar family since 1980 and restored by them in 1981 and later again in 2010 with much love, enthusiasm and perseverance and above all with great feeling and respect for history.

Reinder Homan-Kasteel Twickel

Kasteel Twickel - Delden
Ets-aquatint / 2022 / 20 x 50 cm

When you approach Twickel through the meadows between the imposing free-standing trees, you see a castle looming like a child imagines a castle. A large, impressive, stately building with towers, moats and a drawbridge. The princess in the tower room, who has to be freed by a noble prince on horseback, is made up in one go.
As a draftsman, commissioned to make an etching of the estate, it is tempting to join this powerful image, but at the same time you realize that this is of course the representation that everyone comes up with. Fortunately, I was allowed to stay at the castle for a few days, which gave me the opportunity to roam the gardens and the surrounding area at any time of the day. After much deliberation, I finally chose the tranquil image of the back of the castle with the large pond in front and then early in the morning at the first careful morning light, while the wisps of mist still brush over the water.

Reinder Homan-Huis te Mirls

Landgoed Huis te Mirls
Ets-aquatint / 2021 / 25 x 30 cm

It is early January 2021 when the residents of the Huis te Mirls estate (historical name for Mirns) ask Reinder Homan to make a print of their house. Knowing that since 2002 he has been working on a series of etchings of country houses in the Netherlands. All by order.

Because the House in Mirls is so beautifully situated along the coastline of the Mirnser Klif, Reinder decided to approach this assignment differently. He had recordings made from a great height with a drone equipped with a camera. To get to work with the images obtained in this way from a bird's eye view.

Reinder Homan-Fraeylemaborg

Fraeylemaborg - Slochteren (2e staat)
Ets-aquatint / 2002 / 16 x 53,5 cm
Opdrachtgever: Cor Begeman

Reinder Homan-Landgoed Ampsen

Landgoed Ampsen - Lochem
Ets-aquatint / 2020 / 34 x 38 cm

With this assignment, the big surprise came at the back of the house. The whole scene is reflected completely smooth in the rippleless water of the canal, where the carp are reminiscent of Japanese woodcuts and also of Escher.
Very modest in the background, but still determining the contours of the house.

Reinder Homan-Landgoed Beekzicht

Landgoed Beekzicht - Voorst
Ets-aquatint / 2019 / 20 x 59,5 cm

A special assignment from the Bosch van Rosenthal Foundation: making a print of an estate without a house. When the occupiers threatened to confiscate the Beekzicht house during the Second World War, the owner, Bosch van Rosenthal, had the house demolished stone by stone to prevent this. The clearing along the Voorsterbeek is a reminder of that momentous act to this day.

Reinder Homan etsen in opdracht


In 2002, print dealer Cor Begeman, then based in the coach house of the Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren, asked Reinder if he wanted to make an etching of the deposit. Now the borg and in particular the park around it were familiar territory for him, because in his youth his grandparents lived in Slochteren and so as a child he regularly visited the 'big forest' with its mysterious 'castle'. The connection between house and surroundings was important, Reinder thought, one could not be seen without the other, so if the park could play a major role in the print, he would be happy to comply with this request.

After the etching turned out to be a success, new clients soon followed, such as the Friesland Bank with Oranjewoud, Natuurmonumenten with the Slotplaats in Bakkeveen and the University of Groningen with the Allersmaborg in Ezinge. At the request of the organizing foundation, a 'portrait' of the Huis te Manpad in Heemstede followed in the theme year of the Buitenplaatsen (2012).

Working steadily, a series of thirteen 'estate portraits' has emerged, to which Reinder would like to add a few more.

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