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After his training at the Minerva Academy in Groningen and the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, Homan specialized as an etcher pur sang. He knows how to capture his subjects in zinc and copper with a seemingly playful ease.

Old trees, a single twig, but also roadsides full of flowers, a stream valley in a bird's eye view or the mist above the fields, all subjects that come up in his etchings, elaborated extremely minutely and subtly. Every detail shows unconditional attention and dedication.

Silence, inspiration, love and respect for nature are concentrated in etchings that excel through craftsmanship. Stillness has been elevated to the highest power without violence being done to reality. The purity that the artist sees in natural elements that most people carelessly ignore is intensified in printmaking that seeks nuance.

Reinder Homan is looking for the poetry of capricious reality, for an intensification of perception. He is described as an artist in whom craftsman, dreamer and poet come together and whose etchings are at the same level.


Etchings by Reinder Homan are for sale during exhibitions, at galleries and... in Homan-Hupkens' own exhibition space 'Prent en Beeld' in Bakhuizen.

CLICK ON THE SALE BUTTON for the current offer with title, year and size. If you are interested in an etching from the overview, call 0514 - 581 312 or 06 -13 02 06 02 or send an email to homan.hupkens@hetnet.nl

• All etchings are/will be printed by Reinder himself in limited editions.

• If you want the work framed, please ask about the extra costs first.

Of course you are very welcome to come and view the work in the studio first. Please message in advance.

Reinder Homan etsen in opdracht


In 2002, print dealer Cor Begeman, then based in the coach house of the 'Fraeylemaborg' in Slochteren, asked Reinder if he wanted to make an etching of the house. The house and the particular park around it were familiar territory for him, because in his youth his grandparents lived in Slochteren and so as a child he regularly visited the 'big forest' with its mysterious 'castle'. The connection between house and surroundings was important, Reinder thought, one could not be seen without the other, so if the park could play a major role in the print, he would be happy to comply with this request.

After the etching turned out to be a success, new clients soon followed, such as the Friesland Bank with Oranjewoud, Natuurmonumenten with the Slotplaats in Bakkeveen and the University of Groningen with the Allersmaborg in Ezinge. At the request of the organizing foundation, a 'portrait' of the Huis te Manpad in Heemstede followed in the theme year of the Buitenplaatsen (2012).

Working steadily, a series of twelve 'estate portraits' has now been created, to which Reinder would like to add a few more.


For owners and/or residents who want to have a unique 'estate portrait' made in the form of an etching of their estate, country estate, stins, zathe or castle, there is a folder ready with the thirteen commissioned etchings of 'Striking Monuments'. These examples and Reinder's personal explanation will give you an idea of ​​style and possibilities. Interested? Call Reinder Homan 06 - 130 206 02 or mail to homan.hupkens@hetnet.nl. The folder will then be sent to you.

CLICK for a few examples of 'Striking Monuments'


In 2007, the 'Rijksprentenkabinet' (Rijksmuseum) in Amsterdam purchased more than 50 etchings by Reinder Homan for their collection of works on paper. The print collection of the Rijksmuseum is among the largest and best in the world. The collection comprises more than half a million engravings, etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, sheets in other graphic techniques and covers a period from approximately 1440 to the present.
Attached are three examples of the more than 50 etchings
by Reinder Homan:

Reinder Homan-Lis

 Lis - Reinder Homan

1999 – lijnets – 39,5 X 50 cm.
Reinder Homan-Oude kar

Oude kar (Portugal)  - Reinder Homan

2007 – ets/aquatint - 20 X 24,5 cm.
Reinder Homan-Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains - Reinder Homan

1989 – lijnets – 16 X 21 cm.


In this special book, Sara Homan (Reinder's eldest daughter) describes her and her younger sister Liza's favorite playground... her father's studio. She further investigates which way he went and then asks various experts: Ton de Laat (visual artist), Theo Laurentius (art dealer), Ger Luijten (head of the Rijksprintkabinet), Gijsbert van der Wal (art historian and journalist) and Mickey Warners-van Veen (enthusiast) talking about Reinders work and person. The 131-page book, enriched with penetrating photos by Harry Cock, also provides an overview of the etching work that has been created since 2000 and a wide selection of earlier work.

The book (Dutch - size 22 x 24 cm.) is for sale at Reinder Homan as a softcover and as an exclusive, numbered edition including an etching

• Softcover: € 28,50 
• Hardcover (incl. ets): € 145,- 
(incl. BTW / excl. shipping costs)

Order via homan.hupkens@hetnet.nl or call Reinder 06 - 130 206 02


Homan-Hupkens in Prent en Beeld

Reinder Homan and wife Sofie Hupkens not only share the same front door, but also their love for visual art. Both are professionally active as visual artists. Reinder as an etcher, Sofie as a sculptor in bronze.

In Bakhuizen you will find the studios of both and the communal exhibition space where the public is most welcome to view and purchase work on the first Sunday of the month (13:00 - 17:00) and by appointment.

You can also visit their studios during the Kunstroute Gaasterland. Every first Sunday of the months May to October from 13:00 to 17:00 you will find 9 collectively open studios. Read more

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